Spring has sprung! And you’ve probably heard it said before: spring is the best time to clean carpets.

In reality, professional carpet cleaners like the team at AmeriClean know every season to have its own unique advantages. However, there are definitely strong reasons for including your carpets in your spring cleaning regime.

Here are 6 reasons we think Spring is the best time to clean carpets in your home!

1. Warmer temperatures, less humidity

Humidity is the enemy of carpet cleaning. Well, it’s the enemy of carpet drying, at least. Why? Because humid conditions lead to moisture being trapped in a carpet. Over time, this becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

This is why professional carpet cleaners are so keen to dry your carpet quickly. Thankfully, in spring, temperatures are starting to pick up. The warmth helps us in our mission to speed-dry, but there’s far less humidity than in the summer months

The combination of warmer temperatures and less humidity leads many to believe that spring is the best time of the year to get a carpet cleaned. We definitely see its appeal!

2. Less chance of snowy trails

It’s understandable to want to start the year (or celebrate the festive season) with a clean carpet. An issue we encounter in winter, though, is that customers get their carpets cleaned only to track in mud, dirt, and snow immediately after!
Thankfully, in spring, there’s less chance that you will do the same. Rainfall usually reduces at this time of year, depending on where you’re located. Drier terrain means dirt won’t stick to your shoes in quite the same way, meaning your clean carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

This is one factor that drives demand for our spring carpet cleaning services.

3. Gets rid of winter dirt

Remember that mud, dirt, and snow we just mentioned? After you’ve been trailing that into your home all winter, spring is the perfect moment to address the issue. Otherwise, you’ll find that you spend the season embedding it further into your carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning is crucial to maintaining the integrity and appearance of your carpets. If you know that your carpets have been exposed to a lot over the colder months, make sure you take special care of them at the start of spring.

A deep clean performed by professionals like us is all that’s needed to remove a winter’s worth of debris!

4. The wind is a natural assistant

Compared to the baking heat of summer, spring offers one obvious advantage for carpet cleaners: the wind! During this season, we consider the wind to be our natural assistant. It certainly helps ensure that carpets are dried in a timely manner.

Of course, we bring all the equipment required to safely and effectively clean then dry your carpet, but the air circulation provided by spring helps us get the job done. Customers recognize this and book us up for carpet cleaning services at this time of year.

5. Clears out the carpet for allergy season

You may think you know your carpet’s function: to protect your flooring and keep your toes cozy. Did you know that it also functions as an air filter? This is important information if you experience allergies!

Basically, your carpet traps allergens in its fibers. Otherwise, these allergens would continue to circulate in the air. When these allergens are removed through professional carpet cleaning, there’s space for more to be trapped in the future.

Given that spring and summer are generally considered high season for allergy-sufferers, it makes sense to clean your carpets now so they have the capacity to trap more dust and dander.

6. We’re all cleaning anyway!

The last reason is perhaps the most obvious. When we think spring, we think spring cleaning! If you’re already giving your house a thorough clean, why would you leave your carpets out of the action?

Rather than settle for something superficial, get your carpets deep-cleaned by the professionals. There’s something very satisfying about knowing that your carpets are sparkling-clean, and it’ll put you in the right mindset for spring.

Are you looking for carpet cleaning services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia? AmeriClean has been proudly serving the tri-state area with specialty cleaning services for over 30 years!

We have the experience, the equipment, and the expertise to comprehensively clean your carpets. If you’re ready to take your spring clean to the next level, get in touch!

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