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A before and after photo of a rare purple Syno-Persian area rug.

Pickup & Delivery Available

for Oriental & Area Rugs*

*Additional charges may apply. Charges depend upon distance from our cleaning facility in Hagerstown, size of rugs, and whether the rugs are doorstep pickup or if you need help with moving furniture/rolling rugs. Just give us a call or submit a quote request for a cost on pickup/delivery services.

How Are Area Rugs Cleaned?

Colorful Area Rug

First, We Determine the Area Rug’s Construction Type

It depends on the rug as every rug is different – construction, fibers, bleeding dyes, etc. Especially when we’re talking about hand-woven “Oriental” style rugs. But, it’s not always about the construction of the rug or even the fiber type itself. Sometimes it comes down to the living conditions of the rug. If a rug is saturated in pet urine, we have to treat that rug differently than we would if it were not.

We Use Safe, Modern Deep Cleaning Methods on Area Rugs

There are a variety of methods and cleaning theories when it comes to deep cleaning area rugs. We stay on top of the newest and safest techniques by investing in our employees’ training through classes and seminars. We even host a variety of hands-on and technical training at least 4 times every year. We use modern and safe methods for oriental and heirloom  area rug cleaning.

Rug Washing, bringing a rug back to life
Rug Washing, bringing a rug back to life

Safe & Modern Deep Cleaning Techniques

There are a variety of methods and cleaning theories when it comes to deep cleaning area rugs. We stay on top of the newest and safest techniques by investing in our employees’ training through classes and seminars. We even host a variety of hands-on and technical training at least 4 times every year. We use modern and safe methods for oriental and heirloom rug cleaning.

Dog on rug in customer's home

Pet Odor Control for Area Rugs

We’re pet lovers just like you. If odors and stains from pet accidents are something you’re dealing with, give us a call. We’ll make it easy and put you at ease about the whole thing by giving you all the options available for your specific case. If you are thinking about throwing your rug out, consider recycling it by donating it to us for our training classes held at our Rug Cleaning Facility.

Our 8 Point Area Rug Cleaning Process


The construction and/or condition of the area rug may change some things about how we clean it. For instance, an heirloom Persian or antique oriental rug may require special handling or different cleaning products. We can work with you on a custom cleaning solution for your treasured area rugs.

Generally, the following principles are used to clean each and every area rug. 

1) Pre-Inspection

Your rugs will be pre-inspected before any cleaning begins. We first measure and identify the construction type and the fiber type(s). We also look for any special conditions such as pet urine or spots or manufacturer’s defects. We’ll then share our findings with you.

2) Dry Soil Removal

Next, we remove loose, dry soil and dust from the rug. Dry soil is the majority of the soiling in all textiles. Natural fibers, especially wool, can hide a good bit of dry soil. We carefully vacuum and dust every rug as an important step in the area rug cleaning process.

3) Pre-Treat &

Most rugs will need a pre-treatment of some sort.  Pre-conditioning is handy when a rug has dyes that are going to run, (we find this out in the pre-inspection step). We need to condition the fibers to prevent colors bleeding into each other when the rug is washed.

4) Agitation & Dwell Time

Next, area rugs are gently agitated to remove embedded soil by a specially equipped machine and/or by hand. Special attention is given to areas of concern and fringe. The rugs are given time to rest, known as dwell time, so that rugs have time to relax.

5) Rinse & Extract

Depending on the method of cleaning for each rug, the rinse and extract method can vary. Some of our methods include full immersion washing, hand-washing, bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, and low-moisture cleaning. Of course, we even employ our truck-mounted hot water extraction method for the wall-to-wall type rug remnants and polypropylene area rugs.

6) Speed Dry

A critical step to rug washing is the drying process. Being on the East Coast, we experience a variety of climates which can make drying a soaking wet rug, enormously challenging. We have built a custom rug drying room that blows air up through the floor, allowing the rug to float on air. We’ve essentially created a large dryer as we can add heat and remove moisture in the air through a vent fan and dehumidifiers.

7) Post-Inspection

Once the rugs are dry, they are given a thorough post-inspection by our Rug Plant Manager to ensure quality control. At this time, they can move to the next step or get touched up for extra detail. Most rugs go through the washing process once and they look great. However, we are never afraid to wash it again if it does not meet our standards.

8) Finishing

Adding fiber protector is an option. We have products that are safe for natural and synthetic fibers. If you choose, the fiber protector is sprayed and brushed onto the rug – both sides when applicable. Rugs with a pile are brushed allowing the pile to lay in the proper direction. Rugs are then rolled for pickup/delivery or they can be prepped and wrapped for storage.

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How We Price
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First, we must determine what we’re going to be cleaning… and a few other details will help provide the best price for you.

Get prepared for your price quote by getting as much information below before you contact us. If you’re not sure, don’t worry – just call or stop by during normal business hours.

1) Size of the Rug?

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(including fringe)

2) Construction Type?

Not sure?
We can help – just call.

3) Fiber Type(s)?

Natural or synthetic? Wool, jute, and cotton are all popular materials.

4) Special Conditions?

Spots? Family heirloom? Yellowing? Let us know.

5) Pet or Other Odors?

Be prepared to qualify the odor level on a scale of 1-10.

6) More to Clean?

We offer quantity and multiple service discounts.

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