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Oriental area rug protected by rug pad by AmeriClean Cleaning Specialists.
Rug padding, protecting as well as maintaining an area rug.
Non-slip durahold padding for rugs..

Watch the following video to learn why rug pad is so important for the life of your rug.


Area rugs, especially hand woven natural fiber rugs, should have a quality pad underneath them.

Pads serve as a “shock absorber” for textiles, keeping them from having fiber damage from foot traffic which devalues them.

Pads keep rugs out flat and hold them in place so that you have less buckling and sliding which could cause a trip hazard. With looser construction flat woven rugs (such as needlepoints and tapestries), a Durahold pad helps to “grip” these textiles out flat and to assist in keeping them square on the floor.

Pads protect the foundation fibers of rugs from stretching and puncturing from heavy furniture.

Pads also provide additional protection against bug activity, because moths and carpet beetles are more apt to find a home in those rugs that are directly against the floor.

Cheap thin foam and rubber pads decompose and crumble over a short period of time. Some can also discolor the floor, or stick and embed into the back of the rug in certain climates.

Durahold is the top of the line pad that is dense, needle-punched, hypoallergenic (no plant or animal fibers) felt which does not aggravate allergies or does not break down chemically. It also resists mildew and rot, insulates against cold floors, all while providing maximum structural protection to your investment rugs.

Rug Pad Benefits:

  • Prevents slipping & buckling.

  • Greatly reduces fiber wear & devaluation. It acts as a “shock absorber.”

  • Not appealing to wool eating bugs.

  • Protects the foundation of the rugs when they are under furniture.

  • Helps flat-woven rugs and needlepoints to remain flatter on the floor.

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