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Carpet Cleaning Hagerstown, Martinsburg, Chambersburg, Frederick Working for AmeriClean Cleaning Specialists brings many opportunities for me to be a part of helping our customers achieve the cleanliness they want in their homes each day. In recognition of National Healthy Homes Month, I want to talk about a challenge we find our customers facing, in keeping a “Healthy Home.” As most of us can relate, our pets are special to us, yet they can cause many homes to become more unclean than what we originally anticipated. Not only the accidents that we generally think of first, but also the dander, dirt, hair and general smell can negatively impact your life and the overall health of your home.

We genuinely care for our customers and we are very sympathetic when that precious pet decides to use a rug, carpet or a piece of furniture, to do their business. We’ve all been there. We are pet owners too. We have learned that to achieve a “Healthier Home,” those mishaps from our pets must be dealt with in an immediate professional fashion to help with the overall atmosphere of the home. This is why we’re experts at pet odor control. There are obviously a lot of “things” that need to be cleaned for a home to be healthy. We specialize in cleaning those things that are difficult to clean and that take very specific techniques, methods, chemistry and equipment. The carpets, rugs, upholstery and hard surface floors like tile, vinyl and hardwood are what we study. These are what we are passionate about, because these are the things we live on. Our families walk, crawl, kneel, play, roll, sit, sleep and binge on the textiles that we consider “Our Specialties.”

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